Amazon Fire TV 3rd Gen (2018) Review

Amazon Fire TV – Verdict

This third generation Amazon Fire TV box is a nice improvement over the previous generations. It is smaller and is now designed to be able to dangle from behind your TV. It also brings support for HDR and 4k resolution which the previous versions didn’t have.

This 3rd gen Amazon Fire TV box is also cheaper than the previous generations which is always a plus in our book!

Two questions you will want to ask yourself if you are trying to decide between the Amazon Fire TV and a Google Chromecast will be –  Do you want to control the box with a remote or through an app?. And do you need to have access to Amazon Prime? because if you do then only the Amazon Fire TV comes with access to Amazon Prime, which is what will make a lot of people go with the Amazon Fire TV instead. The Chromecast on the other hand allows you to stream things like facebook and youtube videos to your TV with ease.

For all around bang vs buck, we would say that the Amazon Fire TV beats out the competition. However, if you have different needs then a chromecast may also make sense for some.

Amazon Fire TV – Review


The design of the Amazon Fire TV 3rd gen (2017) is what sets it apart from the earlier model. It is now a dongle which hangs from behind your TV’s HDMI port, similar to the Chromecast.

The previous version was a bit of a chunky black box that you’d need to place near the TV. It wasnt a terrible looking device, however, the new version can be tucked away being your tv so it can hide away out of sight.


For music playback you have access to Amazon Music and Spotify, but not Tidal or Apple Music.

We also have 4k HDR 60FPS support which is a massive upgrade over the Amazon Fire Stick if your TV can support it

Another thing you can do on the Amazon Fire TV Box over the Fire TV Stick is gaming. This is on the level of most mobile games, so don’t expect to be playing battlefield 1 through this. However, it’s a nice addition for anyone who likes their mobile games but want to play them on the big screen.

Integration with Amazon Alexa. This is great if you like controlling your TV with your voice.


The Amazon Fire TV box is a big step up in performance over the Fire TV Stick, this allows you to do some gaming and brings 4k and HDR support which finally brings an easy way to get 4k HDR content on your 4k TV’s. This does mean that it requires an external power source though, which isn’t ideal but shouldn’t be an issue for most.

The quality of HDR 4k is absolutely astounding and there is more and more content being added to Netflix and Amazon Prime all the time, so this really is a forward looking investment that will improve your experience massively if your TV supports HDR and 4k content.

We also found the performance of the WIFI to be very strong and worked well through walls and over longer distances where some other devices were cutting out. We also didn’t experience any issues speed wise while streaming 4k HDR 60FPS content.

The Remote

The design of the included remote control hasn’t changed, but this is a good thing, as it has an elegantly simple design that lets you scroll through the interface with ease. This is a different take when compared to the chromecast, but is a nice way to control the box and means you aren’t left haning when your phone isnt charged.


The interface remains mostly unchanged and is a slick and easy to navigate interface which is similar to the much more expensive Apple TV. You really won’t be left wanting with the interface and it should keep everyone happy.


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